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Because of Jesus ministries is based on Connie Witter’s Bible study “Because of Jesus.” In this Bible study, she teaches women how to see themselves the way God sees them because of what Jesus has done. Connie helps them to see Jesus in every verse of Proverbs 31.

She takes them through every area of their lives including, their relationship with God, their soul, their marriage, their children, their families, their personal gifts and talents, their finances, their health, their homes, and their ministry and teaches them how to keep their eyes on Jesus and the promises they have in Him.

The truth found in the Bible study “Because of Jesus” has changed ladies lives all over the country. Realizing that Jesus has made them righteous and perfect in God’s sight has brought joy and peace to their hearts. Their testimonies are living proof that Jesus truly came to set the captives free.

Connie Witter
Ministry Founder, Speaker, Author
Sherry Hensley
Marsha Rivers
Worship Leader, Television & Office
Shannan Orr
Author, Speaker, Product Sales
Gwen Myrie
Speaker, Office Assistant, Social Media
Lisa Aldrich
Web Site, Administrator