The Chicken Head Story

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The Chickenhead Story - Are You A Chickenhead?


This story is about identity for young and old alike.
Let this story encourage to your family the truth about who Jesus says they are and how to deal with those who oppose them.

“Are you a Chicken Head? I Believe What Jesus Says!” was inspired by a true story about my youngest daughter, Victoria. I have shared this story many times throughout the years to encourage others to believe what Jesus says about them.

In a world where they often hear negative words spoken over them, it is important that our children know and believe that what Jesus says about them is the truth!

Their young impressionable hearts will be presented with this question: “What is true about you?” I pray this children’s book will inspire parents, grandparents, and children alike, to confidently respond by saying,

“I believe what Jesus says about me!” —Connie Witter